Top Investment Applications You Should Try

Not just one but there is many investment applications that you can find online. But which of these is suitable for your investment needs?

Well, every app will surely provide you with lower rates and will also create trades easily and conveniently. Don’t just choose randomly, it would be best if you will know more about them – and that is why we created this article. Today, we give you the investment apps that are not just popularly used by nay people but the ones that matter.

Lots of investors out there do not need their stockbrokers and also their financial advisor anymore. It is because the investment applications can provide them the convenience and lower rates in terms of creating trades.

What is an Investment Application?

The investment applications are the things that will help you in terms of financial planning and stock market trading in these days. These are the platforms that were mostly used to invest penny independently, or without the guidance of a financial advisor as well as a stockbroker.

Best Investment Apps that Matter


Stash is one of the investing apps that can be used by anyone easily. With this investment application, you can now begin your investment for as low as $5.

How do Stash works?

Because of the weight loss manufacturing, the philosophy of the manufacturer of this investment app is to make investment easy and can be done with small steps. Stash will enable you to make your investment with a fraction of shares, meaning you can begin your investment from a little amount that you prefer.


Betterment is another investment application that matters. It will provide you with customized options for investment. It can also mechanize the process of your business from the beginning up to the end.

How does Betterment work?

This kind of investment application has the goal to create an effortless investment that can afford by anyone. Depending upon your lifestyle, goals, needs, and finances, Betterment will provide you with a customized portfolio that has low rate index funds.

M1 Finance

This is one of the important investment applications. It will provide you with the mechanized investment process in your pre-selected portfolios. It will also enable you to pick from ETF or stock.

How does M1 Finance work?

This investment application is suitable for those who want to automate their investments at the same time monitor the things that are happening with their money.


Acorns is an investment application that matters since it will enable you to pick from the portfolios that are manufactured by Nobel-Prize winning economist. It will also make your spare change to invest automatically.

How do Acorns work?

This investment application will connect your debit card as well as your credit card. It will also “rounds up” your spare changes to your next dollar.

Personal Capital

This investment app is considered by many as a personalized financial manager. It is because it provides user with free financial tools, wealth management, and advice. Through this app, you will be guided in every investment that you make, accordingly.

With the use of an investment application, it will decrease the barriers that prevent new investors from coming in. Whether you are expert or still a beginner, with the help of one of these apps, you know that you are making the right investment decision.

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