डायबिटीज के पक्के ईलाज ! Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes Treatment Diabetic Patience!

Sugar treatment: Currently, glucose has the form of an epidemic.

Diabetes is caused by high levels of blood sugar.

We tell you about the treatment of sugar, which you no longer bother with sugar again.

Treatment of sugar –

Lifestyle changes, education and dietary habits can be controlled by improving eating habits. It solves the patient’s problem and the headache forever.
Even after practicing yoga and exercises every morning, you can control the sugar. It not only affects your face, it also improves your health.
If the sugar is not controllable, the wheat flour should only be obtained. Instead of mixing three kilos of barley, a pound of wheat and a pound of flour, bring the pudding and remove the bread.

Keep the title of the acacia tree on the other side of the foot. Just kill it while you sleep at night. Use it for a week and you will end up with sugar root.
Green vegetables, beans and quarks should be eaten more. Bread or raw bitter gourd and jamun should be shaken. Often the juice of ham leaves is also useful in sugar.
Sugar begins to find weakness in the body. Eat raw coconut oil to eliminate weakness. Soak cashew nut and eat nuts. Eat yogurt, buttermilk, soy, and it is useful for a diabetic daily on an empty stomach every seventh day.
People with sugar should drink cacti. It is a cure for everyone. Some American brands of aloe vera are also being unveiled.
Grind beans and bitter gourds from jamun and grind them in equal amounts. This is a shortage of drinking a tablespoon of water in the morning and evening.
It is normal to urinate often with sugar, and urine is lost. If you are thirsty, eight grams of powdered powder is damaged in water twice a day. You will benefit from it.

If you have a strong desire to eat sweets instead of sugar with a small amount of sugar, it is possible to eat urine glucose and prevent chronic kidney disease.

These are sugar processors: if you do them, you can control sugar and in the future you do not bother them.

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