World’s first human telerobotic coronary intervention surgery in Ahmedabad

The first surgical operation in the world for a person’s coronary intervention in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad, December 5 (UNI) – India arrived Wednesday through Tadjiobi’s first intervention. Ing. Tejas Patel, president and chief of interventional cardiology at the Apex Institute of India, an important milestone in the history of heart medicine in Ahmedabad.
Use the path path technique of Corinth Vascular Robotics, Inc. of America to carry out the first human coronary artery (FIH). This is the first worldwide percutaneous coronary procedure (PCI) produced from a remote area outside the plant assembly.
The ICP method was developed by Dr. med. Patel from Swaminarayan Akshardam temple in Gandenagar carried out, which is located about 32 km from the laboratory assembly in Ahmedabad, where patients are admitted, a middle-aged woman from the heart disease Kalol region. ,
The success of this study provides the opportunity for large telerobotic long-haul platforms worldwide. The Prime Minister of Gujarat, Vijaybay Rubany, also saw the way in which removes the coronary artery obstruction and the stent is installed, living in temple buildings.
Dr. Patel later told reporters: “The first human disease caused by remote PCI is an important event for interventional medicine.” Cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are the most common cause of death and cause almost one death: If 18 million people a year using chemotherapy in India can affect a large number of lives by providing access to care that He may not be honored to contribute to this groundbreaking historical research that will gain much popularity and overall respect for my country. ”
He chose a temple for this method because he was emphasized by the results of this first operation and related risks. The robot was ordered to intervene through 100 MB of the Internet and other doctors on the other end. The method can also be performed if the net speed is 20 Mbps.
The intervention is as expensive as any new technology or new product, but in a few years it will be affordable for the middle class.
The Koronarwettbewerbe telerobotic platform has potentially elected patient access and Hautkoronarinterventionen and significantly improves stroke in rural and poor communities.
This will reduce the time required for emergency measures such as STEMI and stroke, and also changes in the capacity of operators to be reduced, where clinical outcomes are improved.
Mark Toland, President and CEO of Corindus, attended the occasion.

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