How to Win SEO Games – Seven Exceptional Ways

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and every website manager needs to be well-acquainted with this technique. However, it might be considered as an old-fashioned technique if you are doing it the wrong way. If you do, you are simply lucky for coming across this post. We have created this post to provide you with seven easy steps in winning SEO games.

Read on to know the top 7 steps that you can do to win SEO games. Enjoy!

Enhance your Structured Data

You can consider using the rich snippets in regards to your site to give help Google to read and determine the content of your article. You can use this in contextualizing the following;

  • Recipes
  • Businesses
  • Products
  • People or the authors
  • Reviews and more

If Google makes use of your structured information in the search results, you can ensure that your article or keywords can be searched easily by many.

The other details and data that was provided by rich snippets can also help you decrease your SEO’s bouncer rate and will enhance your click-through rate.

Fixing your 404s

One of the things that you will need is a person who will hit your link on the search engine and direct him to the 404 error page. This 404 error page usually makes other people to get annoyed. It is not an advantage for the experience of the user to be directed to the said page. Since then, there is a higher possibility that your bounce rate will increase.

To prevent this issue, consider checking your site regularly for the 404 errors with the use of Screaming Frog or other same platforms. Switch these 404 errors into proper direct to win your SEO games.

Improve your Current Pages

Rather than keeping your attention focused on creating new content, you can win your SEO games by simply improving your current page’s content.

Ensure that you will improve with the following;

  • Body content
  • Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • All tags
  • Title tags

Improve Local Listings

Consider setting up your company on Google My Business to get your company the possibility to appear on the local search pack of Google.

To increase the possibility of your company to appear in Google’s top results, ensure that your phone number, address, and the name is being reliable on the web. Google is the one that works ion checking the details you put to identify the rank and authority of your business.

Get Mobile-Friendly

Google updates two of the latest mobile-friendly algorithm that is considered as mobile-optimized. If the site you are managing is not yet mobile0-friendly, it can be your disadvantage. Thus, ensure that your site is mobile-optimized as well as mobile-friendly.

Fix Similar Content

If your site has lots of pages, but with similar content, Google will choose between these pages which are the most reliable content that is needed to be ranked. If you do not fix your similar page content, it might be bad for your SEO game if Google picked the wrong one.

Enhance the Site Speed

The speed of loading your site is one of the factors that users love. If your page can be loaded by the users quickly, then it would be easier for you to win the SEO games.

If you are going to follow these seven steps, you will gradually see improvement in terms of your keyword ranking.


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